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Huangshan District People's Congress Standing Committee Director Lu Xinlong and his entourage came to Nanjing Chuangneng for a research guide




      November 23, Huangshan District People's Congress Standing Committee Director Lu Xinlong, deputy mayor Shi Ping to bring environmental protection, science and technology, investment, agriculture and forestry and other departments to visit the main leadership of Nanjing to research guidance. Chairman of the Board of Nanjing Chuangneng Power Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. Liu Fei, General Manager Geng Jian, Assistant to Chairman Li Kang, Nanjing Clean and Renewable Energy Research and Design Institute Song Zong, Shi Dezhang, the Power engineering design and research institute of southeast university Liu Dean, Luo, etc. were on-site reception. The two sides mainly discussed the investment cooperation on biomass carbon, electricity and steam co-production projects in Huangshan District, and discussed the relevant cooperation details in-depth and comprehensive.


    Huangshan urban areas each year a large number of rich and bamboo need to be cut down, this is a valuable renewable energy resources, especially bamboo waste resources is a valuable asset.With the continuous expansion of bamboo planting area and bamboo processing and production, there are more and more bamboo waste resources; with the improvement of rural conditions, rich farmers have to use commercial energy as the first choice for improving the quality of life.In order to speed up the development of the implementation of the "beautiful village" to protect the local ecological environment and improve the quality of life of residents, rational and efficient use of various types of biomass resources and livestock and poultry manure and rural sewage treatment is a pressing task.


      Development of bamboo waste resources and further processing and utilization of modern bio-agriculture industrialization, the construction of bio-agricultural industrial cluster, the establishment of biotechnology research and development technology platform to play the role of technology demonstration effect of specific actions, the state's key support of modern agricultural technology one of the areas is China's "13th Five-Year Plan" major technology public relations and investment direction, but also promote the "beautiful village" construction is an important measure, is a new bright spot in Huangshan City industrial characteristics and demonstration industry base.





      Mr. Liu, the chairman of Nanjing Chuangneng, expressed his warm welcome to Lu and his delegation and expounded their views on the cooperation between the two countries through the analysis of the current state of promoting new energy and environmental protection and the introduction of the technological background,expressed confidence in cooperation between the two sides.Regeneration which dean of bamboo charcoal gasification technology has carried on the report. University design institute premier liu of huangshan mountain area of agriculture and forestry biomass coal, electricity, steam is produced at the beginning of project feasibility study report for the report.




      Huangshan District People's Congress Standing Committee Director Lu Xinlong, deputy head of the Standing Committee Shi Ping, the two leaders were also on the strength of the company's ability to affirm the cooperation between the two sides put forward some constructive significance and requirements expressed the sincerity and expectations of this cooperation.


      Today, the first snow in 2016 came quietly, Nanjing Chuangneng chairman Liu Fei's "The great snow represents a harvest year, a good sign indicates that the successful cooperation of each other" as the conclusion of the talks, but also on behalf of the hope of cooperation on both sides.