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  • Oil-Free Ignition and Combustion Engineering Research Center

    To provide perfect product solutions and researches of new products and new technologies for the customers, we build first-class 600MW 1:1 Combustion Integrated Platform. The platform can simulate hot and cold conditions of power plant boilers, for the study of ignition, combustion, burnout characteristics, flame radiation heat transfer characteristics, ash characteristics and low NOx combustion of coal / oil / gas etc. The platform has functions of plasma ignition, tiny-oil ignition, conventional ignition, and functions of complete data collection, recording, real-time monitoring.


  • Russian Plasma Technology Research Center

          In January 2010, Nanjing Chuangneng Power Science & Technology Development Co., Ltd. and Russia Plasma Technology Research Center signed a cooperation agreement to jointly develop plasma power technology. Russian Plasma Technology Research Center is located in Ulan-Ude, Russian Republic of Buryatia, under Russian Academy of Science. Russia Plasma Technology Research Center has two academicians of Russian Academy of Science and International Power Engineering Academy of Science, and two members of Russian Academy of Science. The main research direction of the center is plasma technology and waste disposal technology.