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l Safe Disposal and Resource Utilization Technology of Hazardous Waste by High Temperature Plasma Torch

On the basis of characteristics of high temperature plasma torch, we carry out the applications of subdivided hazardous wastes (pesticides, pharmaceuticals, fine chemicals, oil sand, harmful sludge, denitrification catalyst, waste incineration fly ash, etc). We design scientific process routes according to different types and scale.


l Big Data Analysis of Hazardous Waste

Establishing a management platform for big data operation of hazardous waste, making hazardous waste produced in the process of waste generation and ended in resource utilization and harmless utilization. We rely on the project company analysis center to guide the operation of project process, and to provide hazardous waste data service for the society.


l Study on Combustion Characteristics of Biomass Briquette

We adopt CFB boiler to burn the biomass briquette stably, to study the combustion characteristics and pollutant emission characteristics.


l Deeply classified Low-NOx Combustion Technology in Boiler

Deeply Classified Low-NOx Combustion Technology in Boiler is a clean and efficient combustion technology, which can be applied to corner-fired boiler, hedge-arranged boiler, W-boiler etc, which is also suitable for bituminous coal, lignite, meagre coal, anthracite etc. The advantages of this technology are adopting deeply classified of air in boiler, establishing stable flame of ignition of early stage, and reducing the discharge of Nox greatly.


l Plasma Free-oil Ignition and Steady Combustion Under Low Load Technology

Plasma Free-oil Ignition and Steady Combustion Under Low Load Technology is based on the principle of plasma coal gasification, it produces double fuels (over 30% fuel gas and hot carbon core ) through the coal gasification function of high-temperature plasma. It sends double fuels into the furnace and establishes stable flame which can improve the combustion efficiency greatly and can realize complete free-oil ignition. It is also based on long service life of plasma torch to realize the steady combustion of the unit.


l Boiler Integrated Diagnosis and Operation Optimization System

Boiler Integrated Diagnosis and Operation Optimization System can monitor the key parameters online before combustion, during combustion and after combustion of boiler comprehensively and real-timely. It takes advantages of combining various measurement parameters among several unit load sections and advanced intelligent algorithm to realize optimal control of boiler and reach the purpose of energy saving and emission reduction.


l Technology of Integrated Cleaning of Organic Catalytic Flue Gas (Desulfurization, denitrification, mercury removal)

The core of the Integrated Cleaning of Organic Catalytic Flue Gas Technology is a patented production of organic catalyst. The organic catalyst has strong ability to capture SO2 and other acidic gases, and has a positive reaction catalysis of desulfurization and denitrification, and has an adsorption effect on heavy metals. Its world-leading superior performance has been combined with wet spray tower process perfectly which has been in China's large-scale application, resulting in excellent reduction effect of flue gas emission.