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Shandong Lusa Wind Power Co., Ltd.

Shandong Lusa Wind Power Company Binhai Wind Power Generation Project is invested and constructed by Chuangneng. The project locates in Shandong Binzhou Wudi County, east of Chengkou Town. The total planning installed capacity is 300MW. In the first phase, we invest 430 million and the capacity is 48MW, and the project has already entered the process of grid-connected power generation. The second phase is in the plan.

Xuzhou Yifeng Sanbao Environmental Thermal Power Co., Ltd.

Xuzhou Yifeng Sanbao Environmental Thermal Power Company Biomass Power Generation Project (30MW) has been approved and starts to construct. The total investment is up to 480 million yuan. The project locates in industrial agglomeration of Xuzhou Tongshan District Sanbao Town, including two high temperature and high pressure biomass boilers (130t/h) and two high temperature and high pressure extraction condensing turbines (C30MW), using renewable resources like straw, mulberry, mushroom waste, wood chips, bark and some agriculture and forestry biomass briquettes as fuel. The project is of great significance for the rational use of local resources, the protection of the environ-

ment, the conservation of land and energy, and the promotion of local economic



Shenkai Energy Development (Zaozhuang) Co., Ltd.

Shenkai Energy Development (Zaozhuang) Company is mainly engaged in investment in wind power, solar power, biomass power generation projects and other projects, photovoltaic power generation and infrastructure development, construction, operation and management, it also engages in technology promotion, technology research and development, technology consulting, technology transfer and other services in the field of power generation.


Power Generation Technology of Biomass High Value Gasification Coupling Coal - Fired Unit

Biomass gasification technology is used to prepare biomass fuel gas then to burn with coal, conducting coupling between biomass and coal-fired unit, taking full advantage of extra generation load of unit, realizing efficient biomass power generation.  By controlling oxidation reaction and reduction reaction, biomass gasification poly-generation technology transforms the volatile component in biomass into biomass fuel gas through pyrolysis and gasification, and then fixed carbon is basically converted to high quality biochar. Features of Dual Circulating Fluidized Bed Biomass Gasification Synthesis Natural Gas Technology: 

(1) Biomass gasification process does not require pure oxygen as gasifying agent, which reduces operating cost and equipment construction cost in gasification process; 

(2) The gasification process uses normal pressure, and the operation is easy; 

(3) There is a high methane content in biomass synthesis feed gas, reducing the 

difficulty of subsequent synthesis.