State Power Investment Corporation Yuanda Environmental Protection Co.,Ltd. Vice General Manager Guan Yue and His Colleagues Came to Nanjing Chuangneng to Discuss Strategic Cooperation



      November 29, State Power Investment Corporation Yuanda Environmental Protection Co.,Ltd. Vice General Manager Guan Yue and his colleagues came to Nanjing Chuangneng to discuss strategic cooperation to the exchange.Company leaders Liu Fei, Geng Jian, Li Kang warmly received the guests, the two sides on the hazardous waste project in-depth exchanges.In the afternoon,our company leaders accompanied Yuanda Guan and his entourage to visit the hazardous wastes project site in Rudong. Director Wu and Director Zhu of the Coastal Economic Development Zone received the reception, accompanied by relevant functional departments, which fully embodied the leadership of the zone to the strong support of the project, as well as on the line up to the warm welcome.